Naruto Season 3 Episodes Download

Naruto Season 3 Episodes Download

Naruto Hindi Download

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Series Info:

Name: Naruto
Season: 3
Total EP: 220
Status: Ended
Genres: Animation Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Language: English Dub
Subtitle: English | Hindi
Quality: (360p, 480p, 720p HD, 1080p FHD)
Running time: 24min.
Up.Credit: ToonMix India

Synopsis: In another world, ninja are the ultimate power, and in the Village Hidden in the Leaves live the stealthiest ninja in the land. Twelve years earlier, the fearsome Nine-Tailed Fox terrorized the village and claimed many lives before it was subdued and its spirit sealed within the body of a baby boy. That boy, Naruto Uzumaki, has grown up to become a ninja-in-training who’s more interested in pranks than in studying ninjutsu.. but Naruto is determined to become the greatest ninja ever!


Naruto English Sub




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Episode 105: A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder!
Episode 106: The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation
Episode 107: The Battle Begins: Naruto vs. Sasuke
Episode 108: Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds
Episode 109: An Invitation from the Sound
Episode 110: Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad
Episode 111: Sound vs. Leaf
Episode 112: Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!
Episode 113: Full Throttle Power! Choji, Ablaze!
Episode 114: Good-bye Old Friend...! I'll Always Believe in You!
Episode 115: Your Opponent Is Me!
Episode 116: 360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blind Spot
Episode 117: Losing is Not an Option!
Episode 118: The Vessel Arrives Too Late
Episode 119: Miscalculation: A New Enemy Appears!
Episode 120: Roar and Howl! The Ultimate Tag-Team!
Episode 121: To Each His Own Battle
Episode 122: Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!
Episode 123: The Leaf's Handsome Devil!
Episode 124: The Beast Within
Episode 125: The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf
Episode 126: Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro
Episode 127: Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!
Episode 128: A Cry on Deaf Ears
Episode 129: Brothers: Distance Among the Uchihas
Episode 130: Father and Son, the Broken Crest
Episode 131: The Secrets of the Mangekyō Sharingan
Episode 132: For a Friend
Episode 133: A Plea from a Friend
Episode 134: The End of Tears
Episode 135: The Promise That Could Not Be Kept
Episode 136: Deep Cover?! A Super S-Ranked Mission!
Episode 137: A Town of Outlaws, The Shadow of the Fuma Clan
Episode 138: Pure Betrayal, and a Fleeting Plea!
Episode 139: Pure Terror! The House of Orochimaru
Episode 140: Two Heartbeats: Kabuto's Trap
Episode 141: Sakura's Determination
Episode 142: The Three Villains from the Maximum Security Prison
Episode 143: Tonton! I'm Counting on You!
Episode 144: A New Squad! Two People and a Dog?!
Episode 145: A New Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!
Episode 146: Orochimaru's Shadow
Episode 147: A Clash of Fate: You Can't Bring Me Down!
Episode 148: Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle
Episode 149: What's the Difference? Don't All Insects Look Alike?
Episode 150: A Battle of Bugs: The Deceivers and the Deceived
Episode 151: Blaze Away, Byakugan! This is My Ninja Way!
Episode 152: Funeral March for the Living
Episode 153: A Lesson Learned: The Iron Fist of Love!
Episode 154: The Enemy of the Byakugan
Episode 155: The Dark Creeping Clouds
Episode 156: Raiga's Counterattack
Episode 157: Run! The Curry of Life
Episode 158: Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge

Naruto S3 English Sub [Ended]

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